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With Quik MVP, you can easily create solid business models, track your Key Performance Indicators and progress, bringing your innovative ideas to life.

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Business Model Canvas

Craft, analyze, and iterate on various business models to find the perfect fit for your venture.

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With Powerful Features To Fuel Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Business Model Canvas

Create flawless business models, easily shared on social media, AI-enhanced or manually crafted.

Business Model Validation

Validate your business model before building your MVP, saving time and money before launch.

Business Model Management

Stay organized, never lose track of your business models. Capture, categorize, and prioritize in one place.

Ask the Community

Find out what people think about your idea. It's like having a team of supporters helping you! Ask questions, launch ideas & connect!

Track Performance (KPIs)

Capture, categorize, and prioritize business models to make data-driven decisions and fine-tune strategy for maximum impact.

Validate with Feedback

Validate ideas, gather feedback, and analyze user behavior to validate MVPs and make data-driven decisions.

Unlock Success with Quik MVP!

Are you an early-stage founder facing obstacles in bringing your business ideas to life? Look no further! Quik MVP is your ultimate solution.


Quik MVP empowers entrepreneurs, small businesses, and solopreneurs to track Key Performance Indicators and progress, turning innovative ideas into tangible success stories.

  • Build an overview using the business model canvas
  • Keep an eye on how your business is doing with KPIs
  • Launch your ideas and see what people think
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Over 1000 Founders have used Quik MVP

What they say about us

"Quik MVP provides a bunch of useful things to help people in launching their startup! It like a startup swiss knife! ;-)"


"Especially I love that Quik MVP empowers users to turn their ideas into successful startups!! 👍 I can't wait to see how Quik MVP revolutionizes the startup landscape!!"


"This is a framework that will be helpful for indie makers who don't have much (if any) experience really thinking about how to launch a business."


Flexible Plans

Choose a plan that works best for you.

DIY Plan
  • icon Create and manage up to 3 business models
  • icon Basic KPI tracking tools
  • icon Pre-built templates for business models
  • icon CSV imports from merchants
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Startup Plan
  • icon Unlimited business models
  • icon Advanced KPI tracking and analytics
  • icon Customizable dashboards
  • icon Real-time data updates
  • icon Email and chat support
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Enterprise Plan Contact Sales
  • icon All features from the Startup Plan
  • icon Custom analytics and reporting
  • icon Custom business model creation support
  • icon Unlimited users
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Venture Builder Program

Turn Your Ideas into Reality with Our Venture Builder Program. Thrive in the Startup Ecosystem.

Are you an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea? Our Venture Builder Program is designed to help you bring your vision to life and succeed in the competitive startup landscape.

  • Access to a network of industry experts and mentors
  • Comprehensive support for business development and strategy
  • Funding opportunities to fuel your startup growth
  • State-of-the-art workspace and resources
  • Collaborate with like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs

White Label Business Tools

Empower your brand with Custom Branded Reports from Quik MVP's White Label Business Tool Suite.

Ideal for Entrepreneurs and Startups seeking polished Business Insights for their stakeholders and clients.

  • Craft, analyze, and refine various business models
  • Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) effortlessly
  • Utilize Business Model Canvas for visual strategy mapping
  • Stay updated with industry trends and news through curated feed
  • Document entrepreneurial experiences with digital journal feature

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